Ukrainian Association Existential Psychologists and psychotherapists

Украинская ассоциация
психологии и психотерапии


Hello, dear friends!

Existential psychotherapy today is a modern, ramified direction of the practical activities of counselors and psychotherapists, which gives to clients the opportunity to deep resources of awareness and understanding of themselves, their meanings, goals, tasks, movement in their development, in the development of relations with other people.

For me, the sincere, open position of the counselor and the therapist in relation to the client is important. A person lives at the same time in the past, present and future, and this fact must be taken into account by modern psychotherapy.

Our association of existential psychology and psychotherapy was established in November 2016. The Odesa School of Integrative Existential Psychological Counseling for Psychotherapy showed initiative in establishing the association.

The main principles of our approach in existential psychotherapy are:

The educational and training project in Odessa started its work in 2012 on the basis of the Odesa Institute of Mental Health. Currently, the educational and training project is part of the work of the association.

The project consists of two basic parts, which are separately certified. The first part is represented by existential psychological counseling (1 year and 6 months) and existential psychotherapy (2 years and 6 months of study).

The project is presented by a full-time group in Odesa, a set is being organized into a full-time group in Kiev. The project is also represented by a distance learning form, which is conducted under individual programs and which has proved itself well in recent years. The distance project trains students from Germany, Israel, Qatar, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.

Since 2013, we began to conduct an annual existential conference in Odesa, which since 2014 has become an international participant.

On the website of the association you can get acquainted with the programs of conferences, videos - records of reports at conferences, as well as with publications in conference proceedings.

The work of the association involves the creation and implementation of internal scientific grants, social projects and much more.

The space in the association is open for anyone who works in this direction or is interested in it. At the conference, we invite as many as possible those who have existential views and ideas, and also directly works in existential psychology, counseling and psychotherapy.

We will be glad to cooperate with you.Sincerely, President of the Ukrainian Association of Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy, Leonid Valentinovich Maksimenko.